Boosie Badazz Calls Mark Zuckerberg Racist After IG Page Is Deleted


Boosie Badazz had Instagram ablaze last night after footage of the rapper slapping a man across the face went viral. It turns out that it was only for a video shoot but just days prior, Boosie did put out a casting call for someone who was willing to get slapped in the face for $554. Boosie really did slap the hell out of the man but it was all love after the video shoot ended.

Unfortunately, the clip may have played a role in why Boosie’s IG page vanished. Apparently, the rapper didn’t end up deleting his Instagram account as many people believed was the case. It was Instagram that ultimately suspended his account, again. Now, Boosie is no stranger to being kicked off the ‘Gram. Last year, his IG Live got pretty X-Rated which prompted the social media site to ban his account. 

Boosie hasn’t seen any success in retrieving his old account, even after threatening to file a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg. Despite the many attempts to get in contact with the social media mogul, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg is out of reach for the Louisiana legend. This morning, Boosie took to Twitter where he put Zuckerberg on blast. “@zuck u just a racist,” he tweeted. Boosie certainly isn’t the first person to make this remark towards Zuckenberg, nor will he be the last but we can only hope that Boosie’s IG saga comes to an end in the near future.