Boosie Badazz Details Instagram Putting Him On “Parole”


Boosie Badazz’s Instagram Live sessions were short-lived but hella entertaining. The Louisiana rapper hosted some debaucherous moments in the history of Instagram Live including the moment that produced the infamous line, “Put your pussy lips on live, and I’ll give ya a thousand dollars.” 

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Unfortunately, he was hit with a warning from Instagram and has since been slowing down on going on Live. In a recent interview with Vlad, he explained that he has since been put on “parole” for six months due to the mature nature of his live streams. “I’m on six months parole with Instagram,” he explained. “They sent me e-mails, like, ‘Boosie, one more time. One more pussy. If you show pussy one more time, it’s over.'” 

Tory Lanez also faced a similar fate earlier this month when Instagram prevented Quarantine Radio from streaming from Tory’s page. Though he later opened another page, that, too, was shut down. “You know, they stopped Tory Lanez. So, I was next, bro. They was on my ass so I had to turn it down,” Boosie continued. 

Earlier in the conversation, Boosie also gave Tory Lanez credit for having the hottest Instagram Live with Quarantine Radio. However, he did say that he was the originator of it. Either way, he clearly was equally entertained by Quarantine Radio. 


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