Boosie Badazz Shares Throwback From Death Row With His Jewelry On


Way before Kifano “Shotti” Jordan was rocking a red rosary necklace behind bars, Boosie Badazz managed to get all of his jewelry into his cell, rocking some gold around his neck and wrists. The Baton Rouge legend is far removed from his days in the slammer. Although he still periodically gets into trouble with the cops, nothing has been as serious as the charges he once faced. Several years ago, Boosie was unsure of how his life would turn out. He was facing the death penalty, nearly being subjected to lethal injection in a murder case but, after remaining loyal to his team and refusing to break, bend, or fold, the rapper was released from prison and found freedom. He still remembers all the craziness he faced inside of the penitentiary and, this weekend, he looked back on how much of a baller he was, even behind bars.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Sharing a picture of himself circa 2012, Boosie Badazz can be seen in a prison cell with the bars behind him. He throws up his left fist to flaunt the gold jewelry around his wrist, also showing off a number of chains that somehow weren’t confiscated. “I WAS A DON N PENITENTIARY,” bragged the iconic Southern Rap figure. Yes, Boo, you absolutely were.

We’re going to need more pictures from when he was in prison because, lord knows, there must be more where this came from.


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