Boosie Badazz Talks Colorism: Darker Skin Causes “Fear,” Lighter Skin Seen As “Weaker”


Colorism was a heavy topic of discussion for Boosie Badazz and VladTV in the 27th part of their lengthy interview. They’ve discussed an array of topics ranging from the rapper’s infatuation with Rihanna to Kodak Black’s prison sentence, and in his latest clip, the Louisiana rapper was asked if he was bothered that “darker-skinned people are treated worse than lighter-skinned people.”  

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

Although he agreed with Vlad, he said it’s not something bothers him because being from Louisiana, he’s been around racism all of his life. “I think the blacker the skin, the more fear we bring to people,” the rapper shared. “I really do feel that. That’s just apart of life.” Boosie said that black people, too, are guilty of colorism, “but it’s just how the world shaped itself.”

“The lighter the skin, sometimes people do look at you weaker,” he added. “That’s why a lot of light-skinned dudes be proving theyself because it’s different—it ain’t that much different, it’s kinda different. ‘Cause these days, everybody look the same. Everybody hair look the same. If you black these days most people, we really lookin’ black because we bring treated like that anyway.”

Vlad had a moment where he expressed his hope that what people use to divide will no longer be a practice that we follow in the future, but Boosie interrupted by saying he wanted his “reservations.” He was corrected because he meant “reparations” and he added, “I want my motherf*ckin’ reparations! I got some black ass people in my family!” Check out the conclusion to Boosie’s conversation with VladTV below.


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