Boosie Badazz Talks Juice WRLD, Says Every Rapper Needs A “Fall Partner” In His Crew


If there is anyone to blame for the death of Juice WRLD, the pilot is the culprit if you ask Boosie Badazz. The Lousiana rapper became irate when discussing the untimely death of the 21-year-old star who suffered a seizure at Chicago’s Midway Airport over a week ago. There have been rumors that Juice WRLD ingested a number of pills to avoid trouble with federal agents after the pilot of his private plane allegedly called authorities on the rapper and his entourage.

Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

After calling the pilot a snitch, Boosie has now gone on to say that every entourage needs someone who will take the blame just in case the authorities come knocking. “It’s called a fall partner,” Boosie said. When Juice WRLD and his crew’s luggage was searched, there was reportedly 70 pounds of weed found along with codeine and firearms. “You gotta have a fall partner with you everywhere. That’s what he made for. That’s his job. He has no convictions, he’s never been in trouble. That’s his job. The whole world need to know that you gotta have a fall partner, who gon’ say, ‘Sir, all of that is mine, sir. That’s mine.'”

He continued to stress his point, but it isn’t a one-way street. “You look out for the fall partner,” Boosie added. “You look out for him. He gon’ be took care of, but you gotta have you a fall partner ’cause most, a lotta people been in trouble. You gotta go get that little n*gga out the ‘hood who ain’t never been in trouble. You gotta have two of them.”

Boosie then reflected on what Juice WRLD’s final moments must have been like after allegedly taking pills while his heart was beating quickly from nervousness. “When you see them b*tches coming for you, that’s the fastest your heart beat…Yo’ sh*t is jumpin’ out yo’ chest,” he said. “With pills? That’s a heart-attack man, that’s serious.”

There’s a difference, according to Boosie, of how generations cope. “Weed kill pain,” he said. “Opiates kill people.” Would you be a “fall partner” for the right price?


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