Boosie Gets Taken On Emotional Rollar Coaster By Goose


Though Boosie has proven himself to be a relatively adept naturalist, at least where his fellow rappers are concerned, there is still much to learn for the outspoken Baton Rouge legend. Shortly after revealing his ability to communicate with marine life — a dolphin, to be specific — Boosie recently found himself face to face with another majestic creature — the Canada goose.


Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Footage of Boosie’s encounter with the goose quickly found its way onto social media, and many were quick to have a laugh at the rapper’s emotional roller coaster. Clearly unaware that Canadian geese tend to stand on one leg, rendering the other one difficult to see, Boosie found himself moved by what he believed to be a “handicapped” goose.

“Man, I’m walking in the mall and see a one-legged duck,” remarks the rapper. “I feel sorry for him. He’s handicapped. I walked up to him and he didn’t do nothing. He a soldier. Look he can’t do anything. He hungry, bro.” The goose proceeds to lower its leg, prompting Boosie to lose his mind. “Oh, there go his other leg! Man he’s playing with my top!” remarks the rapper, having a laugh at the big reveal.

For those who can appreciate the rapper’s antics, the clip will certainly deliver in that regard. And who knows — should he be looking to secure an unexpected revenue stream, perhaps Boosie oughta consider launching his own series on Animal Planet or a similar network. If that’s not highly marketable content, what is?