Boosie & Webbie Reunited In Houston During Easter Weekend


Boosie Badazz and Webbie teamed up to deliver some of the hardest music in the South. Despite their near-flawless track record together, the two ended up going their separate ways. While there isn’t any confirmation that Boosie Badazz and Webbie have any new music together, they did spend their Easter weekend together. Boosie and Webbie were spotted at Space Houston’s in Texas where they were turning up on stage together. 

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

The two reunited after Boosie Badazz was shot last year in Texas. Boosie revealed that Webbie actually came to visit him in the hospital while he was recovering. That was the first public sign that they were mending their relationship, though it was unexpected after the two traded barbs on Instagram. 

In 2017, Boosie Badazz did an interview with Vlad TV where he explained that he and Boosie ended up going different ways simply because they were on different pages. Unfortunately, things took a left turn when Webbie called out Boosie and suggested the BooPac rapper deliberately ignored him after his prison release. Shortly after, Boosie Badzz responded by claiming Webbie was responsible for his own downfall.

The link-up over the weekend was the first time that the two have been together publicly since their falling out. However, Boosie revealed that Webbie did come to visit him after he was shot. 

Check the clip of Boosie and Webbie below.