Boskoe100 Told Asian Doll Not To Get Plastic Surgery, Says She Has “Star Quality”


She’s been on the scene making a name for herself as she’s staking her claim as the next woman in rap to take over, and Asian Doll’s fans can’t get enough. The 24-year-old rapper has been making headlines over the last few months while she’s publicly grieved the loss of King Von following the Chicago rapper’s murder. Asian Doll became a topic of conversation during VladTV‘s interview with Boskoe100, and the two men discussed the progression of her career as well as her reportedly getting nipped and tucked.

“She’s kind of like an Instagram model now. She got a bunch of plastic surgery after our last interview,” said Vlad. Boskoe100 agreed, adding that she looks different. “I talked to her one time when I was first blowing up and she was first starting to blow up and I said something to her. I was like, ‘I love your little natural sexiness. Don’t ever get your ass done or nothin’,'” recalled the rapper. He claims she told him she didn’t plan on it.

“Fast forward a few years now and I’m like damn, what the hell?” he continued. Vlad spoke about some of Doll’s recent moves, like getting a lifelike portrait of King Von tattooed on her hand, while also dropping a few facts about her streaming numbers. “Music-wise, she’s not as popular as just popularity-wise,” said Vlad. “And you gotta sort of follow it up with some music at some point, or else…’Cause you’re not really getting paid off of just being popular on Instagram. You gotta have a product to go along with it.”

Boskoe interjected that Asian Doll is a young artist who is figuring things out. “She a beautiful girl though,” said Boskoe. “She got potential… I can see her doing something. She definitely got some star quality about her.” Check out their chat about Asian Doll below and watch Boskoe100 explain why he “loves Cuban Doll.”