Bow Wow Gives Soulja Boy His Flowers: “Definitely Changed The Game In Hip Hop”


It undeniable that Soulja Boy has deeply influenced Rap culture, and all he wants is to be appreciated for his contribution. In recent months, Soulja Boy has taken to social media to remind the world that when it comes to many of the waves that we’ve enjoyed in Rap, he was the first—or one of the firsts—to do them. Early in his career, Soulja managed to navigate social media unlike any other artist as he created viral moments that helped launch him into popularity. Recently, Drake gave Bow Wow his flowers and praise, causing Soulja Boy to call out the OVO icon.

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Although Soulja took aim at Drake, Hollywood Unlocked wanted to know if Bow Wow took it as a diss to his legacy. Bow and Soulja are friends, so Bow Wow didn’t interpret Souja’s comments as disrespectful. “If it was like that he could’ve called me. We talk. It’s nothing for him to call me,” said Bow. “You know how I looked at it? I looked at it like, the sh*t that I’ve been wanting and fighting for so long for me, for cats to start playing with my legacy and my name, it’s finally happening without me really having to ask for it.”

“I just felt that Soulja wants his flowers,” Bow Wow continued. “The same way how I’m getting mine now, I feel like—you saw me with Drizzy and he said what he said… It’s just a feeling that you want but you don’t really have to go ask for it. I never asked for it. I wanted it, bad, like stop playing with me. That’s how I felt behind closed doors.”

Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Drake, Hollywood Unlocked
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Bow praised Soulja Boy and said he “Definitely changed the game in Hip Hop” in various ways. “From a viral level, from social media, from YouTube,” said the rapper. He spoke about how Soulja influenced the culture to the point that people emulated what he did and shifted the way social media was used by artists.

“Soulja, he created that lane. He was the first big digital internet sensation that we saw,” Bow added. Check out the clip of Bow Wow on Hollywood Unlocked and let us know if you think he’s speaking the truth.

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