Bow Wow Isn’t Getting Involved With B2K Drama, Is Focused On “Positive Energy”


Planning for the 2020 Millennium Tour is in full swing now that the official lineup has been announced. Next year, fans will storm arenas to see Omarion, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, the Yin Yang Twins, Lloyd, Sammie, and Pretty Ricky perform their greatest hits. Earlier this year, B2K headlined the Millennium tour and reportedly helped bring in a $5 million revenue stream, but throughout the year, personal drama has unfolded as Omarion’s ex and mother of his two children, Apryl Jones, has moved on to find love with O’s B2K bandmate, Fizz.

Apryl and Fizz have put their romance on display both on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and on social media, much to the public’s dismay. Only recently has Omarion shared his opinion about the situation, plainly stating that he doesn’t care what Apryl or Fizz do. Instead, Omarion seemed to be making some moves behind the scenes as he will be embarking on the 2020 Millennium Tour as a solo artist, leaving B2K behind.

Both Raz B and J-Boog from B2K have offered their well-wishes to Omarion, with the latter added on Instagram Live that “Fizzle Pop ruined everything. I wouldn’t say [Fizz] ruined everything, but about 99 percent of it, though.”TMZ cameraman caught up with Bow Wow and chatted with him about the forthcoming tour, and the rapper stated that he doesn’t want any parts of the drama. He also shared what fans can expect from the show.

“I think positive energy outweighs all the negative energy. I think once we announced the lineup and what was goin’ on, I think that kinda overshadowed everything else that was going on,” Bow Wow said. “But, of course, the internet is the internet. They gon’ take what they wanna take and run with that and run with jokes and things like that. You know me, we not gettin’ involved in that. We just wanna give the fans a good show.”

Back in 2007, Bow Wow and Omarion came together to record their joint album Face Off. “I mean, as of right now, just focus on what me and [Omarion] gotta do. I think a lotta people don’t understand that me and O was like a group once we came together and gave the people all the hit records we have as well, so… This show is gon’ be different. It’s gon’ be a lot more energy. It’s gon’ be crazy. We added Soulja [Boy] who was definitely a pick of mine, wanted [him] to come. It’s just gon’ be a lotta high energy. A lotta people wanted to see me involved in the last one and didn’t get that chance to see that, so it’s just good to come back around and give the people something that they want.” Watch the clip of Bow Wow below.


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