Bow Wow Will Include Future’s Son In Co-Parenting Plans With Joie Chavis


Last year, Bow Wow’s blended family grew by one more after he confirmed that a woman had given birth to their son. The rapper already shares a daughter, Shai, with Joie Chavis, and she has a young son, Hendrix, that she shares with rapper Future. Meanwhile, Future reportedly has six children with six different, making for an interesting family reunion. Bow Wow has previously shared that he’s in a new, more mature place in his life, and when he sat down with Hollywood Unlocked, the rapper stated that if it came down to it, he would include Future’s son with Joie with his plans involving Shai.

“Absolutely. Hell yeah, because you gotta think—and that was a question I asked Jermaine [Dupri] right, because Jermaine has the same exact situation,” said Bow. “I would always ask Jermaine for that type of advice because you know, I know it’s gon’ be a time I go to the house and maybe pick up Shai and little brother might wanna come to. How does that work?… You know, Jermaine’s my father figure so I go to him for that type of advice.”

“I look at it, if the kids are involved, it’s just a positive situation,” the rapper continued. “I think it’s all about the kids. It’s family orientated and, you know, I’m prepared for whatever it is in the future that I’m supposed to be prepared for. That’s my duty at being the best dad I can be. So, if that’s Shai is 17-years-old and her little brother’s nine, he wanna roll, he wanna go to Six Flags and we have no problem. Let’s pack it up and let’s move.”

Bow Wow said it’s all about family and making sure that the siblings spend time with one another. Check out the clip below.

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