Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Had Fans In A Tizzy With SAG Awards Reunion


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were a Hollywood power couple in the early 2000s although it all came crashing down back in 2005 when the two decided to get a divorce. Pitt ended up going on to be Angelina Jolie although a couple of years ago, they ended their relationship. Aniston hasn’t been able to find that special someone since ending things with Pitt and fans have always been optimistic about a reunion. Well, their wishes came true on Sunday night as the two were spotted together at the SAG Awards. Both actors won their respective awards and were quite keen on listening to each other’s speeches.

In the tweets below, you can see the two holding hands. In another video, Pitt can be seen watching Aniston’s acceptance speech on one of the TV screens. 

As you can imagine, this reunion caused quite a stir on social media. Fans are always excited about this kind of thing and their excitement was palpable. Many people jumped to conclusions while others expressed just how big this is for the two moving forward. Being friends with your ex is nothing new so fans of the two should probably proceed with caution when anticipating some sort of re-coupling.

Check out some of the reactions, below.



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