Bradley Beal Claps Back At Jay Williams Over Wizards Disrespect


Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards put up an incredible fight against the Houston Rockets last night. Both teams fought hard on offense but left a lot to be desired on the defensive end of the ball. The final score was 159-158 in favor of the Rockets all while James Harden put up 59 points. Beal was just as active in the game thanks to his 46-point performance that had the whole NBA talking. Heading into this season, the Wizards were considered to be one of the weakest teams but Beal proved that on any given night, they can give the best teams a hard time. 

Not everyone was impressed with the Wizards, including NBA analyst Jay Williams who questioned the Rockets for giving up so many points to a weaker team. “Everyone talking about James Harden & his 59 pts this am.. why? My takeaway was .. how the hell did a team that could contend for a world championship give up 158 pts to the @WashWizards? I mean.. the wizards,” Williams wrote.

Beal immediately caught wind of Williams’ tweet and clapped back with a simple “Because we can hoop!”

The Wizards have been subjected to a lot of criticism this offseason so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Beal was fed up and wanted to respond. Although you have to hand it to him, he was pretty kind in doing so. 


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