Brandy Returns With Mother’s Day Single “Baby Mama” Ft. Chance The Rapper


Over the last year, there have been many rumors circulating about Brandy’s potential projects. There were talks of a biopic about her life that she planned to star in, a reboot of her hit show Moesha,  and last September, she shared her powerful single “Freedom Rings.” Fans of R&B are awaiting for Brandy to release her long-awaited project, and to whet their whistle, she’s dropped off her Chance The Rapper-assisted single “Baby Mama.”

“It has such a message,” Brandy reportedly told Laura Coates Show. “It’s celebrating mothers out there who are out there doing their best for their children and striving in their independence, in their strength, in their power. I just wanted to come out with a powerful message like that.” Check out the Hit-Boy-produced single and let us know if you think Brandy and Chance The Rapper made magic with this one.

Quotable Lyrics

I know it’s hard when your baby mama don’t want you
‘Specially if she don’t need you (Ah)
‘Specially if she used to feed you (Ooh)
‘Specially if she used to keep you
‘Specially if you used to cheat too
Wait, come and think of it
She ain’t never really need you



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