Brandy Teases Her Return With “Baby Mama” Single Featuring Chance The Rapper


It’s not very often you see a Brandy headline around here, unless it’s maybe someone like 21 Savage reciting her biggest hits on his Instagram stories, OG r’n’b lover that he is. However she looks to be changing that very soon, with the announcement of a brand new single ushering her return to the r’n’b game.

It’s not a bad time to re-join the game too, considering just how much the r’n’b scene is thriving with artists right now, and having its own major moment. That’s exactly why we started our R&B SEASON playlist, and we’re excited to add Brandy’s latest to the list once it arrives.

brandy chance the rapper baby mama

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The song, “Baby Mama,” features Chance the Rapper and contains production from Hit-Boy has a powerful message according to Brandy, who plans to release the record on Mother’s Day too, appropriately enough. Considering just how much Chance the Rapper gushes about his own baby mama, the feature seems equally appropriate. Brandy teased the record by sharing video clips from behind the scenes of the music video on her twitter, which also reveals the horn-riddled production.

Brandy hasn’t dropped an album since 2012, but she’s currently readying her next one, with “Baby Mama” set to lead the charge.

Are you guys excited?


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