Britney Spears Does Yoga Upside-Down In A Tiny Blue Bikini: Watch


Pop star Britney Spears may not have plans on dropping the hottest mixtape of the year but she’s still keeping herself in incredible shape for her regular shows. After spending such a long time in the spotlight, Spears has been in the headlines as of late because of her dramatic relationship with her family and her conservatorship. She remains one of the most popular musicians on the planet and she does it without even releasing any music, which is a pretty impressive feat. These days, she’s putting food on the table based almost solely on her performances, putting on insane shows in Las Vegas and elsewhere. In order to remain in tip-top shape, Britney practices yoga on the regular and she’s actually pretty skilled, which she showed in her latest social upload.

People are going nuts over Spears’ new video of herself doing yoga online. She posted the clip yesterday and, since then, the comments just keep on rolling in. Heading outside with her trainer, the recording artist wore a tiny blue bikini and had the man supporting her as she hung upside-down, getting in some training in the sun and letting her hair hang down to the ground. Her moves are legitimately impressive and I doubt that most of us can pull this off so, seriously, big ups to Britney.

Watch the video below. 


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