Brockhampton Explores The Pain Of Suicide On “THE LIGHT”


Brockhampton fans had been waiting for a brand new project to sink their teeth into and on Friday, they received it as the group came through with a new album called ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE. The project has some impressive features and there are a ton of great tracks, including “THE LIGHT” which mostly features Kevin Abstract and Joba.

Joba is the true star of the song and throughout the first verse, he speaks on some devastating subject matter. While speaking on the death of his father, he recalls the gruesome scene and the pain his mother went through. Joba notes that he is looking to find the light in the situation, and it makes for an emotional moment. The guitars throughout the song are powerful as well and Abstract’s final verse acts as a nice little bow on a fantastic effort.

Quotable Lyrics:

I know you care, felt numb since September
When I heard the news, what I’d do to speak one last time
Think I always will be haunted by the image
Of a bloody backdrop, skull fragments in the ceilin’
Felt your presence in the room, heard my mother squealin’