Brodinski Gathers The Best Of Underground Trap For “Evil World” LP


Parisian electronic producer, Brodinski, made a grand entrance into the world of hip hop with his contributions to Kanye West’s monumental album, Yeezus. The fact that Brodinski is credited on “Send It Up” can probably give you an idea of the kind of dystopian soundscapes he’s inclined to craft. He has taken that sound and worked to expand and hone it over the years. Needless to say, the results have been exhilarating. Post Yeezus, Brodinski started infiltrating the Atlanta trap scene, leading to collaborations with charismatic artists like Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Peewee Longway. 

Brodinski’s sophomore album, Evil World, is aptly titled. The beats are menacing and all the underground heavyweights that Brodinski enlists to rap on them give performances well-suited for the occasion. Every artist that appears on the album brings a unique voice to the table and tackles the unruly beats in their own inventive ways.

While Brodinski has been largely invested in conscripting talent from Atlanta, the rappers on Evil World hail from all over. There’s Detroit’s Zelooperz, Chicago’s Warhol.SS, the DMV’s Xanman and Texas’ SPLURGE. Not only is Brodinski cultivating his own genre of electro-trap, he’s building a community around it as well. An album this dark has never felt so inviting. 


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