Brooklyn’s Sleepy Hallow Drops Off Debut Project “Don’t Sleep” Ft. Sheff G


The Brooklyn drill scene has been seriously making waves over the past few months specifically. It looks like more and more people are getting turned on to this new scene coming out of BK right now. Of course, Sheff G is one of the artists that’s helped put a spotlight on it beyond his own region. One person that he’s worked with since the jump is Sleepy Hallow who featured on half of the tracks of Sheff G’s project The Unluccy Luccy Kid. Now, Sleepy Hallow formerly introduces himself with his debut project Don’t Sleep. Laced up with fourteen tracks in total, Sleepy Hallow brings the world into his reality with a few features from Sheff G and a collab with ABG Neal scattered throughout the tracklist.

Released through The Winner’s Circle, Sleepy Hallow is only helping shine a bigger spotlight on the sound that he and Sheff G have helped usher in. 


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