Browns Waive Safety After Threatening To Kill Critics On Twitter & IG


Cleveland Browns safety Jermaine Whitehead found himself in an odd predicament on Sunday after the team lost to the Denver Broncos. Whitehead wasn’t playing particularly well and his team suffered because of it. After the match, Whitehead seemed to be a little bit angrier than usual and took his frustrations out on everyone who was criticizing him. In fact, Whitehead was so mad that he started to threaten people, saying that he would shoot at them and also kill them. Not to mention, he began calling people “cracker” which didn’t exactly help his case.

Whitehead was also responding to people in his Instagram DMs and this was all happening immediately after the game when he was still in his uniform. After a while, the Browns were able to get a hold of him and he stopped his social media antics once and for all. 

The safety then took to Instagram where he issued an apology but by then the damage has been done and saving his reputation was too late. The Browns announced this morning that they would be waiving him which means he will no longer be a part of the franchise.

Whitehead’s antics are yet another blemish on a Browns season that has been pretty abysmal. You really hate to see it.



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