Bryson Tiller & Kendra Bailey Welcome Daughter, Kelly Jade Tiller


Bryson Tiller has been in the cut for the last few years following the release of his last album. For someone who’s as popular as he is, the singer hasn’t necessarily adjusted to fame quite that well, opting to stay out of the spotlight and live life like your average joe. However, that doesn’t mean that he completely shuts out his fans when he’s not in promo mode.

Bryson Tiller and his girlfriend, Kendra Bailey, have announced the birth of their first daughter together. Although they didn’t exactly clear up when the child was born, the two are clearly ecstatic for their new bundle of joy. Kendra took to Instagram to share a photo of their daughter’s feet. Bryson Tiller hit the comment section where he shared a heartfelt message about their daughter’s birth. “Still in awe. She’s really here and I can’t stop kissing her face,” he wrote. “We love you Kelly Jade.”

Although Kelly Jade Tiller is Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey’s first child together, Bryson also has another daughter, six-year-old Harley, from a previous relationship. 

In related news, the singer previously announced that he’d be releasing new music soon. He made the announcement in early December but as we approach the end of the year, it might be a sign that the roll out to his next album could begin in the new year. 

Congrats to Bryson and Kendra!

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