Buddy & Kent Jamz Drop Joint Project “Janktape Vol. 1”


Buddy and Kent Jamz have tons of experience working together, delivering their “Hollyhood” single last year. They have been working on a collaborative project for the last little while, finally coming through and releasing Janktape Vol. 1 this week.

The two Los Angeles natives have undeniable chemistry, bouncing ideas off of each other throughout the ten-song display. The duo opts to go a featureless route, showing off exactly what they can do by themselves and preparing the audience for Buddy’s forthcoming sophomore album.

Constructing a path for himself, Buddy is known for connecting with several generations. His lyrical style is more representative of a millennial audience but he can also connect to a younger crowd, delivering some stand-outs on Harlan & Alondra and promising even more heat on his new album.

Get a taste of the hometown chemistry that Buddy and Kent Jamz share on the first volume of their Janktape.


1. She Think
2. In Search Of
3. Pass By Me
4. Burberry Party
5. For The Ladies
6. Terrified
7. Inconsistent
8. To The Grace
9. Bad Boys
10. Heatwave

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/buddy-and-kent-jamz-drop-joint-project-janktape-vol-1-new-mixtape.120273.html

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