Burger King Announces Limited Edition “Ghost Whopper” In Time For Halloween


Halloween is only days away which means the spooky season is underway and certain brands and fast food chains are banking on added promotions for their already existing offerings. Burger King is a prime example of the latter and has announced its limited-edition menu offering, the Ghost Whopper. The bite is the same as the classic burger but now with a white, cheese-flavored sesame seed bun. 

To advertise the spooky bun, Burger King grabbed Riz Mirza, a well known psychic medium/spiritual teacher to portray a man who is moved by the delicious burger. In the clip below, you can see Riz summon a spirit to try the burger. “It’s beyond belief to experience this taste,” the so-called spirit says after taking just one bite. 


The Ghost Whopper will become available on October 24th, selling for $4.59 in only 10 restaurants across the United States – Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Detroit, Memphis,  Philadelphia, Savannah, Summerville and New Orleans.

Who’s looking forward to this?

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