Busta Rhymes Revisits A Classic With “The Coming 25th Anniversary Deluxe”


Sometimes, it behooves a fan to take things back to the beginning. Though it can sometimes be jarring to dive decades into the past, especially given how much music can change over the years, it’s always interesting to see where the game’s legendary artists began their triumphant runs. In the case of Busta Rymes, the journey kicked off twenty-five years ago with The Coming, his first solo album following a scene-stealing, star-making performance on Tribe Called Quest’s Scenario. 

Today, Busta came through to deliver a 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of his classic debut, expanding the original thirteen-track endeavor into a thirty-six-track leviathan. Granted, many of the new additions arrive in the form of instrumentals and acapellas, as well as a few notable remixes to round things out. One such remix of “Woo Hah! Got You All In Check” features Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a fan-favorite version that officially makes its streaming debut. 

While it’s not exactly a treasure trove of never-before-heard Busta Rhymes material, this revised version of The Coming should please longtime fans of the legendary rapper. Especially those who dabble in the art of emceeing themselves, as the instrumentals feature many classic cuts laced by DJ Scratch and more. Check it out for yourself, if only to see how Busta Rhymes first emerged onto the scene and forged a career that’s still going to this day.