Calboy Is Getting To The Bag “All Night Long” On His New Single


Calboy still has the hustle of an independent artist, even with the majors backing him. He maintains a similar ethos to the hustlers-turned-rappers that came before him who kept a steady stream of music on deck. On Sunday, the rapper emerged with his latest single, “All Night Long.” It’s an ode to the almighty dollar sign and the unmatched hustle that has positioned him as one of the brightest young stars in the game. 

The Long Live The Kings rapper is only a few weeks removed from releasing his latest single, “Miseducation” ft. Lil Wayne. Hopefully, that’s a sign that a new project is on the way soon. 

Check out Calboy’s new song and video, “All Night Long” below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
On my block it’s Zombieland as we chase dead man
I got money on my brain, it’s tied like headbands
Told ’em once, won’t tell ’em twice, and now ya mans dead
Glock came with a switch, 6-0 so he was dead fast