Cameraman Travis Scott Kicked Off Summer Jam Stage in 2015 Revisits Hilarious Story


A brief moment with Travis Scott caused a cameraman to go viral back in 2015. Four years ago, videographer Jameer Pond was working for Hot 97 and was given the direction to follow around Ebro Darden as he talked to the performing artists. Instead, Jameer said Ebro pushed their meeting time from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., so he decided to “take the initiative” and gather some footage on his own in the meantime.

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Now, Jameer works as a Jr. Video Producer for Buzzfeed, and he’s recently hopped in front of the camera to hilariously deliver the story of what happened the moment he went viral after Travis Scott kicked him off the Summer Jam stage during his performance. Travis wasn’t as huge of an artist back then as he is now, and Jameer said he was capturing video of the rapper performing. Jameer joked that he’d been on stage during Travis’s set so long that someone in Travis’s entourage even passed him a blunt, but he politely declined.

Then, things took a turn after Travis spotted Jameer standing with his camera so he stopped the music. “Get your f*ckin’ nerdy ass off the stage,” Travis said to Jameer. Jameer was surprised and was then pulled by security. It’s obvious the Jameer told Travis that he was working for Summer Jam because the rapper said he didn’t care. “Bye!” Travis said. “You not working for Travis. This isn’t Summer Jam. This is a Travis Scott show. The f*ck he think he is, man?”

Years ago, both Jameer and Travis came forward to talk about the uncomfortable incident in interviews. In this recent clip for Buzzfeed, Jameer explains in a bit more funny detail what led up to the moment and how the encounter ended up as a lyric in one of Travis’s songs. Check out the Summer Jam moment along with Jameer’s telling his tale below.

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