Cam’ron Details Pulling Knife On Suge Knight, Bringing Bricks To Jay-Z


“Tell you eight million stories,” Cam’ron declares at the beginning of “Fast Lane” off of Purple Haze 2. Now, the thing about Cam is that he really does have that many stories in the cut. From Biggie’s hand in getting Cam signed, rapping alongside Big L, and his reign with Dipset, Cam’ron’s storytelling abilities have come across in his music while he details facts.

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Once the beat drops on “Fast Lane,” Cam’ron kicks off with detailing an encounter with Suge Knight in Los Angeles while leaving a club. Apparently, Suge approached Cam over a Tupac beat that later resulted in Cam’s friend Tito pulling a knife out of the Death Row mogul.

“In the club in L.A., me and Tito poppin’, yeah, we had a good night 
Walked up out of it, got approached by Suge Knight 
He said I owed him money (For a 2Pac beat?), started screwin’
I said, “No, I don’t homie now tell me what we doin’?” 
He said, “How you figure?” (Figure), I said, “I said so”
Tito flicked his knife, he was ready to go to death row 
I’m talkin’ kamikaze (‘Kaze), but we resolved it calmly”

Just a few bars later, Cam’ron reveals that he used to deliver bricks to Jay-Z on 560 State Street — a location that Hov’s previously referenced on “Empire State Of Mind.”

Like how I traffic for a living, nights we rolled out
Me and DukeDaGod used to take ‘em over to Hov house (Swear)
Fear Damon Dash (Dash), 560 State Street
Lord Jamar was his neighbor, this the era of break beats (Killa)

Peep the song below. 


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