Cam’ron Regrets Previous Beef With Nas: “I Didn’t Want To Go That Far”


When Nas and Cam’ron took to the Webster Hall stage with Jay-Z for the hip hop mogul’s “B-Sides 2” concert earlier this year, it caught everyone by surprise. The move stunned hip hop fans, especially those who remembered the beefs between these three playing out in real-time. Regarding Nas and Cam’ron, the war of words is said to have begun way back in 2002 after Nas, who was upset with HOT 97, made a few comments during a radio interview. Nas dropped a few disses, including one aimed at Cam’ron, where he called the rapper’s album “wack.”

The pair went back and forth and later Dipset and Bravehearts became involved as they traded vicious lyrical disses. In an upcoming interview with the Rap Radar Podcast, Cam’ron reflects on that time, why he chose to respond the way he did, and why he regrets how he went about things. “I’m a real big Nas fan. What happened was, Nas just dissed me for no reason,” Cam’ron said. “It was really tough decision to make but dag, man. What did he diss us for? We didn’t even do nothing to him. He’s more mad at HOT 97. At that particular era, it was like, ‘Look, this is Nas. We can’t just do one song because he could come back with another song and kind of kill everything, you know what I’m saying? So let’s just bombard the situation, you know what I’m saying?'”

The rapper added, “That was the only way we felt that we could handle it because Nas was such a legend at that particular time.” Cam did admit that he may have crossed the line. “I mean, at that particular time I probably didn’t [think that]. There’s some things that I found out about afterwards that I probably wouldn’t have said if I knew. Do I regret it? Yeah, because I didn’t want to go that far. But, at that particular time in my mindset—and the n*ggas I was running around with, they didn’t give a f*ck.”

Back in 2017, Cam shared with ESPN’s Highly Questionablethat he buried the tension with Nas and Jay a long time ago. “No disrespect to either one of these guys. Cause I have no problem with these guys now,” he said at the time. “I had past previous beef with these guys. I have no beef with them now.” Check out Cam’s preview with Rap Radar below.


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