Cardi B Allegedly Threatened To “Smack” Offset’s Baby Mama


Cardi B has been called out for being “disrespectful” to Offset’s baby mama, Shya L’Amour, and threatening to “smack her,” shortly after Shya exposed Offset for allegedly begging her for sex when he and Cardi were already married. As Shya, whose real name is Nicole Algarin, and Offset are in the midst of battling it out in court over child support, Shya put Offset on blast this week by posting screenshots of his alleged text messages to her, begging her for sex back in 2018 while his wife, Cardi, was pregnant with their daughter, Kulture. Shya has declared that she is done staying silent about Offset’s behaviour, alleging that he actually withheld financial support for their daughter after she denied him sex.

Cardi B Offset baby mama Shya L’Amour Nicole Algarin smack threat disrespect call outAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Now, Shya has spoken out once again about the famous couple, detailing how difficult it’s been trying to reach out to not only Offset but Cardi about the situation. In a video posted to her Instagram account, Shya accuses Cardi of being disrespectful toward her in regards to Offset allegedly cheating on Cardi with her. She also claims that Cardi has threatened to “smack” her on more than one occasion.

“Y’all think that I didn’t try to this woman privately?” Shya asked her viewers, referring to Cardi. “I came to her privately and respectfully and she still come with the disrespect talking about she gonna smack me. This is your second time threatening me! I’m done trying to save face for motherf*ckers who don’t give a f*ck about me. And they disrespectful and stupid bro…It’s like talking to a f*ckin’ wall, man, these people slow. Women are supposed to stick together knowing these men be on the BS.” She went on to address Cardi directly, rhetorically asking her: “Why do you feel like somebody owe you something? Why do you feel so entitled?”

Cardi B Offset baby mama Shya L’Amour Nicole Algarin smack threat disrespect call outFrazer Harrison/Getty Images for Universal Pictures


“I don’t owe you sh*t,” Shya continued. “I never owed you nothing. This is my last time speaking on this sh*t like ever, like I’m never trying to go back here. But you got me f*cked up if you think you gonna disrespect me and keep on threatening me and I’m not gonna speak my truth.” Both Cardi and Offset have yet to respond publicly to Shya’s comments.



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