Cardi B Celebrates Offset’s Achievement In A Nasty Way: “Celebration In My Throat”


If you thought that Cardi B couldn’t get any raunchier, she just one-upped herself. The woman is well-known for her brash comments, sex positivity and dope music. As we expect news to leak out regarding her upcoming sophomore album, the Bronx songstress is shining the spotlight on her husband today, who is completing a fashion collaboration with a popular designer. Bardi is celebrating with her man and, in her social media congratulatory message, she decided to get nasty on two separate platforms.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cardi B’s brand of debauchery, welcome to the show. It’s bound to get a little rocky at times but that’s precisely why people love her. Speaking about Offset’s new collaboration on Twitter, the star wrote: “Sooooo proud of my man!! Celebration in my throat today.” Why… Why do you need to be like this, Cardi?

On Instagram, she was just as wild. “Congrats babe on your bomb ass fashion clothing collab with @chazajordan,” wrote the rapper. “I am so proud of you. The dick feels better when is coming from a hard working man.”

Cardi!!! You don’t always need to bring things back to sex. You know that, right? You can be proud of your man without wanting to devour him at that very moment or, at the very least, you can be a bit more discreet? There are kids out there!


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