Cardi B Claims She Opened Doors For Female Rappers To Get Signed


Cardi B has never been one to mince words. She knows her worth and she’ll be the first one to remind you of it. She is one of the biggest artists in the world at the moment and arguably the biggest female rapper. Well, Elliot Wilson doesn’t hesitate to bestow her with the latter title. Wilson flat out stated it when he recently sat down with his co-host, Brian ‘B.Dot’ Miller, Cardi and T.I. for a Rap Radar interview. 

In this interview to promote Netflix’s new hip hop competition series, Rhythm + Flow, B.Dot asked Cardi, one of the show’s judges, if she finds it hard to evaluate female rappers. She started by explaining how she looks for ambition in these artists and then transitioned to discussing how her own ambition opened doors for female rappers in the industry:

“I feel like, after me, I’ll say that it’s kinda easier for a lot of these female artists… like before me, there was no female rapper that was signed to a label – well, you know the ones that had already been established. Nobody was signing them. And now, everybody’s just signing them if you could rap and you got a couple of followers because nobody want to miss the opportunity. Like, a lot of labels missed the opportunity with me because I went to a couple of motherfuckers and they said no, no, no, no.”

T.I. then chimed in to reaffirm that Cardi “kicked the doors down of being personable.” After Cardi mentioned that a label had turned her down for being “too much on Love & Hip Hop,” Tip delineated how the female MC has changed since Cardi’s rise. “Most women when they came out were extremely mysterious, you hardly heard them talk,” the DIMETRAP artist said.   

Watch this discussion take place at the 7:55 mark in the video below. 


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