Cardi B Defends Dominican Roots As People Compare Her To DaniLeigh


The colorism conversation continues after DaniLeigh shared her latest defense and apology. The Def Jam artist has been heavily criticized over the last few days after she shared a snippet of her “Yellow Bone” single, not only for the track itself, but for the “light skin baddies” response the singer-rapper gave after acknowledging pushback from the public. People have discussed DaniLeigh’s alleged non-Black Dominican heritage, comparing her to Cardi B, a Dominican artist who embraces her Blackness.

“This whole argument and me bringIng up my family tree is because for the last 4 days ya been comparing to some1 I don’t look like at all because we have the same nationality,” wrote Cardi. “Nationality is not a color or a race.” She added, “Ya really sit here in comments arguing and don’t be makin no sense .My grandmother fully Afri Caribbean black .My grandfather was light ( my complexion) that’s why my mom is light and sunshine of her siblings are brown .AFRO CARRIBEAN EXIST !”

Cardi went on to share family photos and addressed fans who tweeted her about why she felt the need to speak up about her heritage. “Every 6 months I gotta explain myself cause people can’t research,” she told one Twitter user. Check out the photos and responses below.