Cardi B Defends Music, Marriage, & Motherhood Against Social Media Haters


It was an eventful day for Cardi B as she spent the better part of the afternoon going to war with her critics. It’s a regular occurrence for Cardi to log into social media and find her mentions flooded with cruel messages, and while most celebrities opt to block or delete people who say such things, Cardi continuously calls people out.

Recently, Cardi’s cover feature with XXL went viral, as did many of her quotes. She spoke about not feeling the need to endorse other women in Rap, but she will when she wants to. This was a controversial comment that many interpreted as Cardi B saying she’s anti-other women rappers, so she clarified her statement on Twitter.

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“I DONT HAVE TO SUPPORT FEMALE RAPPERS HOWEVER I STILL DO IT,” she tweeted. “There’s a difference between having too and doing it cause I WANT TO.” Cardi added, “Don’t come to my page , don’t mention my name then ask why I’m replying when ya all in MY QUOTES.This is my community once you in my property I can say and do what I want .The question is why ya here ? Why called for yall?”

Someone chimed in and called Cardi a “lying rat” and told her that they remembered “what you did in 2018,” a reference that could be about the rapper’s New York Fashion Week fight with Nicki Minaj. “What I did in 2018 ? Stand up for myself cause I’m not p*ssy ?” she replied. “Ya want me to be p*ssy soo bd ! My karma? This is what comes with sh*t.My career still very strong and ya still got me on ya mind and the millions is coming so this Karma feels real good .Let’s not talk about man.”

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Another person told Cardi that she is a “grown ass woman with a baby and a man that cheats on you.” She responded, “A baby who is richer then you and a nikka that will smack the sh*t out your father.This tweet was about me ? I can reply to sh*t that it’s about Me .You grown with a spam page ON MY PAGE .I guess you need some1 to cheat on you so you can GET OFF MY D*CK.”

Safe to say, Cardi stayed busy. Check out a few tweets below.