Cardi B Gets Nostalgic Over Her And Offset’s Sports-Fueled First Date


Offset and Cardi B have quickly become one of hip-hop’s biggest power couples. They have gone through their trials and tribulations over the last little while but they’ve managed to push past it and are still going strong, to this day. Of course, the couple has a child together and seem to always be showcasing their love on social media. Last night, Cardi was feeling particularly nostalgic and took to her Instagram where she posted about her and Offset’s very first date.

As she reveals in the post, the two of them had their first real date at the Super Bowl. In the video, Cardi has the camera on herself as she talks to her fans while revealing who she’s sitting with. Offset playfully gives the camera the middle finger and Cardi eventually takes the pressure off of him.

“This wasn’t the first time I met offset but it was our first date .SUPERBOWL.I can’t believe this boutta be 4 years ago .Lawwwwwwdddd!” Cardi wrote. 

Cardi and Offset have progressed immensely since this first date and continue to make music both on their own and together. Cardi is setting herself up for a big year music-wise while Offset is gearing up for the release of Culture 3 Either way, these two aren’t going away anytime soon.


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