Cardi B Gets Offset To Reluctantly Take Shots With Her For Her Boozy Birthday


Cardi B’s birthday celebrations kicked off with Offset gifting her “The Titanic Diamond” ring. Both Cardi and Offset shared videos showing off the massive rock that now resides on her finger. One would think that the celebrations would reach a peak with that ring, but there was more in store for Cardi’s 27th. 

On Sunday, two days after Cardi’s actual birthday, she had a little party with her husband and friends, who all went on a vacation to an unknown location. After a day at the beach, riding jet skis, Cardi’s clique spent the evening pouring up expensive liquor around a kitchen table. Cardi’s sister, Hennessy, documented the boozy affair on Instagram. In her story, Offset is seen reluctantly taking shots, even though “he never [drinks].” As he takes down the Henny, Cardi excitedly watches in the background, even though he was perceivably struggling. Offset winces while the shots are poured and desperately chugs chase after he takes them. Cardi continues dancing around in her Louis Vuitton bikini regardless. 

The drinks clearly started hitting because Cardi was shaking her ass all around her villa. She also later posted a close-up video that pans up her backside. Offset sits next to her, rapping along to his song “What It Is” off Quality Control’s Control The Streets, Vol. 2. 


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