Cardi B Is On Kanye West’s Side, Defends Him From “Falling Off” Comments


Whoever is trying to say that Kanye West “fell off” probably hasn’t seen the first-week sales numbers for Jesus Is King. Or they might not be checking his Sunday Service attendance numbers from this weekend at The Forum. Or maybe they didn’t bother to even listen to the new project, which is still innovative and incredibly sonically pleasing. While the lyrical content might not appeal to everyone, Kanye West still crafted another masterful addition to his damn-near perfect discography, entering a new era of his life and focusing on his faith and his family. As reported by Complex, comedian Karlous Miller tweeted out that Ye “fell off” and that everybody is too afraid to say it. Cardi B had some words for him after the strong take.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

When celebrity gossip page Hollywood Unlocked reposted the news to their account, Cardi B caught wind of it and felt she needed to speak up to defend West from the slander. Yeezy doesn’t necessarily need anybody in his corner — after all, he’s the head of a billion-dollar company and he’s in the midst of establishing Sunday Service into a global phenomenon — but the Bronx-based rapper spoke out in her boisterous manner to claim she’s on his side.

“Kanye West found God and people call that falling off,” wrote the female rapper in a comment on the post. This new era has been criticized at large by West’s detractors but, then again, when has Kanye not been a major topic of conversation? How do you feel about JIK?


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