Cardi B Lists Top 5 Migos Songs & Promises “Spicy” New Album


Though 2018 found Cardi B cementing her presence like never before, 2019 was a decidedly quieter time for the New York rapper. Though her name still popped up in the press, Cardi appeared to be dedicating time to both her family and her upcoming sophomore album. Today, Vogue stopped by Cardi’s grandmother’s house to ask the rapper 73 questions — no more and no less. Dressed in a stylish pajama-esque ensemble, Cardi opened the door with a sleeping Kulture in her arms. 

Given the rapid-fire pace of the interview, much ground is covered on the surface level. When asked about her fashion icons, Cardi B is quick to name some innovators like Lady Gaga, Missy Elliott, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna. She proceeds to cite her most extravagant wardrobe piece, a lavish Hermes bag copped by none other than Offset.  In an interesting turn, Cardi reveals that she wishes people would ask her about trending topics, in order to satiate her lust for debate.

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On that note, perhaps it might be fun to debate hip-hop with her, given some of her formative influences. “Missy Elliott, I grew up listening to 50 Cent, the whole Ja Rule & Murder Inc stuff,” she reflects. “That’s what I grew up listening to.” Circling back to some of the celebrities that get her starstruck, Cardi laughs about encounters with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna left her damn near paralyzed. Regarding her own music, Cardi promises the next album will be both “spicy” and “controversial.” Yet don’t expect any shots to be taken, as Cardi is admittedly tired of hip-hop beef. “It’s just tiring,” she says, rolling her eyes. “People keep trying to make it, especially when it comes to girls in the hip-hop industry.” 

She also takes time to list her top five Migos songs, naming “Hannah Montana,” “Versace,” “Bad And Boujee,” “Stripper Bowl” (‘such an underrated song,’ she says), and “T-Shirt.” Afterward, she’s requested to call up Offset, who fields a double-edged sword of a question — what’s Cardi’s best and worst habit? “Being on her phone for thirty-five thousand hours every single day,” says Offset, via FaceTime. “Her best habit is raising Kulture, she’s a great mom,” replies Offset, showing some redemptive man-of-integrity points. Check out the whole video below, courtesy of Vogue. 


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