Cardi B Makes It Clear That She Grew Up In A “Strict Home” Despite Smoking At 15


Within the last 24 hours, Cardi B took her fans on a walk down memory lane when she shared throwback images of her stripper days and photos from when she was just 15-years-old. The pictures from her younger days showed the “Be Careful” rapper smoking cigarettes with a message to her younger fans to not smoke for clout because they’ll grow up regretting the silly decision. 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

It seems as though her personal share sparked a lot of users to comment on the quality of her parents’ guidance, questioning how such a young Cardi was out and about smoking. Cardi has now followed up with a message on how the photos don’t mean that she didn’t have strict parents. “I couldn’t even go to the movie theaters with my friends or nothing. Every day it was a challenge taking my piercings off,” she wrote. 

She added in her caption: “I always told my stories tho so don’t let pictures with piercings fool ya. Anyways KIDS there’s a difference between ABUSE and being STRICT.My parents were very strict and I’m thankful. Being strict it’s a form of love and protection. Girls around my age were growing too fast and I though I could fool my momma but boy o boy she be knowing.” 

Apparently Cardi had her parents voice in the back of her head which she calls the reason for not getting pregnant as a teenager. Peep the full post below and leave young Cardi alone. 

Image via @iamcardib Instagram (since deleted)


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