Cardi B & Offset Explain How They Moved Past Cheating Scandal


We all deal with ups and downs in relationships. There can be beautiful moments where you feel as though you’re on top of the world and then there are times where you want to crawl in bed and forget your entire existence. With Cardi B and Offset, their issues were amplified exponentially since both respective sides of the partnership live life in the public eye. Everything that Cardi B and Offset do is magnified in the media with gossip blogs fiending for even more drama. They’ve become an easy target and, because of that, they often get caught up in scandals that wouldn’t affect you or I. When Offset was wrapped up in a number of cheating allegations last year, Bardi nearly got up and left, announcing their divorce on social media. However, she thought things through, reunited with her man on a jet ski and let the power of prayer fix everything.

Currently on a lavish vacation to celebrate her birthday, the Bronx goddess explained how she and her Migos husband got back on track when things went left, detailing the process in an Instagram caption. “They prayed , they got they shit together and they lived happily ever after,” wrote the “Bodak Yellow” rapper. Some things are still an issue in their household though… “Until they argue about who got the best food😤New York or Atlanta?….Deff New York,” she added.

In a few years, Kulture will probably be the judge of who has the best food. We already know Cardi and Set’s answers. We need an unbiased mind here.


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