Cardi B & Offset Get Intimate In The Water: “LET ME F*** IN THE OCEAN”


Cardi B may have told fans that she would be quitting social media after her birthday but she decided to change her mind, keeping up her outlandish antics as she spends time in the sun with her husband. Perhaps this recent lust was fueled by the birthday shots that Cardi B forced her Migos love to consume or maybe they’re just naturally always going to stay in this phase where they are permanently physically attached to one another. Regardless, the couple shared some loved-up snaps from their weekend in paradise, showing off their marriage goals and reminding everyone that they are the premier A-list couple as far as hip-hop is concerned.

Showing some skin in a luxurious Louis Vuitton bikini, Cardi showed her man what was up while they rode a jet-ski. Set sticks his tongue out while ogling her body in the light, enjoying the view. In a series of other shots, the Migos star got a little more risqué in his captions, noting how badly he wants to get his wife alone. In one photo, he carries her in the water and swoons over his globally-known partner, telling her he wants to get down right there. “LET ME F*#%k IN THE OCEAN,” he typed.

Everybody deserves a love like Cardi and Offset. Happy birthday, Bardi! And many more.


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