Cardi B Reveals Hack She Used In High School To Look Thicker


It’s no secret that teenage girls go through a lot of awkward and cringe-worthy phases — we’ve all been there. Between stuffing our bras, putting gel in our hair to achieve the “wet look,” straightening our hair with a literal iron, wearing crusty Maybelline matte mousse foundation, and confidently wearing blue eyeshadow, we’ve had our fair share of embarrassing moments. Cardi B, however, recently took to Twitter to reveal what one of hers was. 

Now, the Cardi B we know and love now is undeniably curvaceous. But there was a time, long before her illegal butt injections, when her figure was very different. In fact, in the past, Cardi has admitted to being naturally on the thinner side. But back in high school, in an attempt to make herself look thicker, Cardi confessed to wearing three layers on her bottom half.

“It’s the fact that I used to put 2 thick a** tights under my jeans in Highschool to make my a** look fatter,” she tweeted, adding how surprised she is that nobody called her out on it back in the day. “And nobody ever clock the tea.” Fans immediately found Cardi’s story to be hilarious and relatable. They quickly praised her for her transparency and even thanked her for sharing the useful hack.