Cardi B Sends Subliminal Shots At Nicki Minaj & Pulls Up On Trolls In NYC


It’s been longer than a year since the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B reached its height. The two superstar rappers refuse to acknowledge each other in public settings, instead opting to drop subliminal messages every here and there. The shots are pretty even-sided and recently, Cardi was the one throwing shade at her arch-nemesis online. In a since-deleted tweet, the Invasion of Privacy artist came for Nicki and Colombian artist Karol G by saying that Minaj is only on their new “Tusa” track because she passed on the feature. The Barbs were upset at this but, as Cardi says later on, she’s not about trolling, she’s about pulling “the fuck up.”

A video that has surfaced online shows a confrontation between two men and Cardi B, who met them on a street corner in New York City. She had responded to the fans with her current location, inviting them to duke it out and when they actually followed through, their energy switched. 

“It’s like you troll, I troll,” said one of the fans upon running into her. “I’m not about trolling, I pull the fuck up,” responded Cardi before being met with a “love you” from the Nicki fans. 

Watch the video below. At least, this ended amicably between the fans and Cardi B. Not everyone can say that they successfully trolled a superstar rapper into pulling up on them in the middle of Hells Kitchen.



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