Cardi B Shares Photos Of Her Fit Bod Back In Her Stripper Days


It’s no secret that pole dancing requires immense physical exertion. Jennifer Lopez stressed the changes to her body after working the pole for her lead role in Hustlers. Her co-star in the film, Cardi B, is now reminiscing about the killer abs she had back in the day when she was actually a stripper. 

The Bronx rapper often talks about her experiences in the strip club, but doesn’t always share photographic evidence from that time. Well, she just felt an inclination to stroll down memory lane and give all her IG followers a peak of what her life was like back then and, more specifically, what she looked like. She shared nine shots of her in intricate and revealing costumes she used to wear. In the mirror pics, you can get a glance of her incredibly toned abs. Finding this photos appears to have made Cardi a bit nostalgic, as she wrote in the caption: “THIS SOUND LIKE CARDI WITH THE BRAIDS …bro I should strip on the weekends cause my body was killa when I used to hit them poles.” 

While her abs may have been especially prominent during that stage of her life, her body is certainly still looking snatched these days. Have you seen her Poison Ivy Halloween costume


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