Cardi B Shares Video Of Kulture “Takin Advantage” Of Babysitter By Making Mess


When Cardi B shares any Kulture Kontent on social media, it’s usually to show off her little sweetheart. We gush over her little slippers, or her dancing skills or her Vogue cover shoot. We rarely get to see Kulture’s more troublesome side, which all babies inevitably have. She passed the one-year-old mark in July, so she’s bound to get increasingly curious as time goes on. This is the time when she’s going to be reaching for things (and by things, I mean everything) to test out its feel and purpose. One of the objects she recently got her hands on was a tube of Desitin, a cream for preventing diaper rash.

Rather than applying the cream to the diaper region, Kulture had the creative idea to lather it all over her face. Cardi pointed out in the caption that she wasn’t the one who had to deal with the mess on this particular occasion. “She knows not to do this round me 😒She be takin advantage of other people,” she wrote. After whoever was on babysitting duty said “I’m gonna tell my mommy”, Kulture retaliated with a scream. Once Baby K got bored of playing with the cream, she walks toward a curtain chord and starts pulling at that instead. 


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