Cardi B Strips Down To G-String To Show Off Long Hair & Back Tattoo


On Sunday, Cardi B took to her Instagram stories to strip down and show off her feminine curves, her long, flowing hair, and her back tattoo. While Cardi is certainly no stranger to wearing fun and extravagant wigs, she also wanted to show off her natural hair, which she’s clearly taken good care of. 

In the video, Cardi faces away from the camera, wearing only a g-string and holding up her thick hair. She shakes it back and forth, running her hands through it and showing just how hydrated and healthy it is. Her massive floral back tattoo is revealed when she holds up her tresses, showing off the flamboyant and colorful butterflies, blooming flowers, and stunning hummingbird.

28-year-old Cardi definitely deserves to show off the massive tat, which took Jamie Schene of Union3 Tattoo nearly 60 hours of work to complete. The tattoo was done across more than 10 cities before the COVID-19 outbreak, as Cardi’s schedule prior to the pandemic took her all around the world. The huge artwork on her back is not Cardi’s only tattoo, though. The rapper’s most prominent piece is on her upper thigh, where she frequently shows off the peacock that wraps around her right leg. Cardi also has some roses on her left leg and a tattoo that says “Loyalty Over Royalty” on her right bicep.

Check out the Cardi clip below.