Cardi B Twerking On A Private Jet While Travelling To Africa Will Start Your Day Right


Bronx superstar Cardi B has an impossibly busy schedule. The woman jets off to a different city each day, scheduling concerts, appearances, and press interviews all around the world to please her vast fanbase. This week has been a stressful one for the recording artist, needing to explain what happened with her husband Offset’s social media accounts when they were hacked, sending out tons of shocking messages and leading Tekashi 6ix9ine’s girlfriend to “expose” his alleged thirst. She refuted claims that the Migos rapper was behind the text sent to 69’s girl and, just hours later, she’s back on a plane to her next destination.

Ser Baffo/Getty Images

This morning, Cardi B updated fans on her whereabouts, telling everyone that she is currently en route to Africa. First, she needed to make a quick pit stop in New York though to drop off her daughter. In the video, the multi-platinum rapper puts her moves on display, chopping it up to interesting new musical vibes and showing off her famous assets. When her sung verse begins, Cardi gets really into the flow of things, bending over and twerking to her heart’s desire. She appears to be in good spirits, smiling bright and just goofing off as she travelled hours to a different continent. 

You gotta love this energy from her. She’ll likely be back on another jet in a few hours.


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