Cardi B Vs. Gina Rodriguez: Twitter Debates Who Can Say The N-Word


After Gina Rodriguez got slammed on Twitter for using the n-word, others began comparing the Latina celebrity to Cardi B. People were wondering why it’s normal for Cardi B to throw the word around and use it in her music, when other Latina stars like Gina apparently cannot. The debate went to Twitter, some stating that Cardi B identifies as being black, when Gina Rodriguez doesn’t. They argued that Gina Rodriguez identifies as a Puerto Rican woman ”who enters a conversation about blackness to silence those voices to say ‘but what about Latinx people.”’

In response to the previous statement, someone argued in defence of the Jane the Virgin actress, claiming ”Cardi never accepted being black. She embraces black cultures in the same way culture vultures do.” This anger probably stems from the fact Cardi B was once caught calling black women ”cockroaches” while addressing beef she had with some black women in the past. Cardi B reacted to the Twitter commenter by declaring ”How do you act like a black woman? How do black women act?” 

The hip-hop sensation definitely raised a good point, considering there isn’t a ”black” or ”white” way to act — only people living in different or similar conditions. Cardi B also responded to a video of her describing issues that people with melanin face, while telling them to love themselves in times of adversity.


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