Cardi B Wants Blogger Death Threat Case Dropped, Denies Any Wrongdoing


Cardi B is still very much involved in the lawsuit involving blogger Latasha K that all started when the YouTuber shared a video accusing Cardi of having herpes and being a neglectful mother. By no surprise at all, Cardi B sued Latasha for defamation and shared a video to her own Instagram standing up for herself against “this blogger lady.” 

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Latasha then countersued the “Be Careful” rapper claiming she received death threats from gang members and had to move homes in fear of her safety.The Blast now reports that Cardi B has made another attempt to have Latasha’s case dropped denying any wrongdoing in any threats Latasha received. 

“Plaintiff did not assault Kebe. Plaintiff took no action that reasonably caused Kebe to apprehend a violent injury from any unlawful acts by Plaintiff. Plaintiff made no threat to Kebe that reasonably placed her in imminent fear of violent injury by Plaintiff,” the court documents read. “Further, to the extent that Kebe claims that a statement made by Plaintiff caused her to fear for her safety, any such alleged statement, even if made by Plaintiff, was not made within close proximity of Kebe.”

Cardi previously made it clear that calling Latasha a “hoe” or a “dumb ass bitch” doesn’t constitute as defamation as it’s her opinion and she can’t be held liable for the actions of third-parties. 

A judge has yet to decide.

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