Cardi B’s Ex Bestie HoodCelebrityy Wants Us To Forget Their Beef & Focus On Her Music


Cardi B’s former best friend, HoodCelebrityy says she’s over her beef with Cardi B. The Bronx pair were following the same career path, but they had a falling out because, according to HoodCelebrityy, Cardi B resented her for signing a deal with her ex-manager, Shaft. The Jamaican dancehall artist said that she had her reasons, including the fact she was on a contract and couldn’t leave if she wanted to, so she expected her best friend to understand.

She’s now claiming, ”My mother has always said to me, ‘Let me ask you a serious question: Did I give birth to twins? Were you born with this person? So why let that bother you? You were born alone, and you will die alone.’” 

Alison Buck/Getty Images

It’s now clear that both artists are on a new path, and they’re onto bigger things. It seems like HoodCelebrityy was only given the spotlight when discussing her friendship or battles with the hip-hop sensation, but wishes she could be seen for her other talents. There hasn’t been any changes in their friendship, nor is it confirmed whether one reached out to the other. However, HoodCelebrityy confirms that she is putting it all behind her.

She also tells the public to forget about her beef with Cardi B and focus on her music, by stating ”honestly there are other things to talk about, like my music.” Her latest single ”Bum Pon It” comes out on Friday, and she’s expecting people to check it out.

Do you guys think her music is worth checking out? Let us know. 


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