Carmelo Anthony Brings Back Signature 3-Point Celebration: Watch


Carmelo Anthony made his highly-anticipated return to the NBA this past week and last night, he got to play in his second game for the Portland Trail Blazers. The team ended up losing to the Milwaukee Bucks in a tight game but it was a return to form of sort for Melo. He finished with 18 points and was 3-5 from the three-point line. Anthony was showing a ton of fight throughout the game and even grabbed a couple of rebounds while yelling at his opponents.

Perhaps the best part of Melo’s night when he made a wide-open three and immediately hit us with an enthusiastic celebration that Melo has always been known for. If you’re a fan of Carmelo and have been waiting for him to get back into the league, this was certainly a momentous occasion.

For now, the Blazers are 0-2 with Melo in the lineup but it isn’t exactly his fault. The team was already playing poorly before he got there and at this point in his career, he won’t be able to carry a franchise like he used to. Melo will be looked at as a role player on this team and so far, he’s doing what he needs to keep his spot on the roster.

Either way, it’s good to see Melo back and in good spirits.


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